Transamerica Partners High Yield Bond Fund (Investor Class Shares), a mutual fund (Fund). Investment Objective & Strategy The Fund invests primarily in high-yielding, income producing debt securities, such as debentures and notes, loan participations, and in convertible and non-convertible preferred stocks. Under normal circumstances, the Fund

Oct 13, 2017 · Term sheets are technically non-binding, so including this term doesn’t actually grant the investor any additional ability to pull out of the deal. However, good investors won’t issue a term sheet until their business diligence is done and they are very confident that they want to do a deal with you. Even though the Term Sheet is a non-binding agreement that might sound superfluous it's incredibly helpful in negotiations when numbers and facts start flying. Having a good Term Sheet will further help you in the next step of the process when the Subscription and Shareholder's Agreement has to be drawn up and signed.