New decor mirror glass sheets with 9 fabulous antique finishes. Call 423-266-3344 for a free quote. Vintage mirrors custom cut to your exact specifications and shipped directly to you. Home & Business installation network from New York to Chattanooga, Houston to Chicago, Seattle to San Diego.Custom cut tempered glass, mirrors, and ceramic fireplace glass - easy online ordering and fast shipping from Elite Custom Glass.

Designers & Makers of Antique Mirror Glass. MIRRORWORKS hand make mirror glass that is indistinguishable from actual vintage mirror. Each piece can be toughened and is uniquely distressed, aged and antiqued to suit your requirements. Good ventilation will keep mirrors from "sweating" and creating condensing liquids which can be corrosive and damaging to mirrors. Glazing guidelines, such as those presented in the Glass Association of North America Glazing Manual, should be followed to minimize installation problems. MD 01-0105 Proper Procedures for Cleaning Flat Glass ...Glass Manufacturer for Retailers and Vendors. A wide selection of Glass Tables, Table Tops, and Mirrors.